What to Wear No.40

What to Wear No.40 on Natalie Catalina

Hey friends. Hope you all are having a wonderful week! I can't believe it's already Wednesday! My time away is fleeting and I'm trying to soak up every second of it. I had such a wonderful weekend at Disney with my mom. It was a fun way to spend the day and is always a good time. Now I'm at our condo by the sea and in full relaxation mode. I'm working a few days here, but it's much more enjoyable to be online with the sound of the ocean in the background, and the bashing waves and swaying palms in plain sight. Needless to say, we all deserve moments like this when we can be alone and just sort of.... be. I'm always filled with serenity and a joy here that I don't feel anywhere else. I love it and I'll be sad to leave! I'm sharing moments here and there on Insta stories and may even do a little home tour today - stay tuned.

As for the blog, I thought I'd pop in a What to Wear post. I was inspired after shopping at Zara a few days ago and trying on this fabulous dress. I'm always a fan of basics and comfort, and this goes both ways. Plus it comes in white and black too! So so good. And who can resist such a yummy bubblegum pink?? I think I'll be styling it with some white accessories for a bit of a mod approach, and some gold hoops for a little variety. What do you guys think?

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1. Willis Chunky Frame Sunglasses   2. Machete Small Hoop Earrings   3. Mansur Gavriel Ocean Bag   4. Zara Textured Shift Dress in Pink   5. Vince Levins Mules