5 Sips for a Spring Brunch


Happy Monday everyone. I put together this post from my bed, with my Easter basket faithfully by my side full of candy, and having just watched Jesus Christ Superstar. Did you guys watch?? It was so so good. The music and singing were amazing and it was the perfect end to my weekend. I was surprisingly productive over the past couple days, even with the holiday celebrations and taking lots of time to rest. My brother and his fiancé moved home from FL, so we had a wonderful time getting them settled in. Anyways, I managed to finish up a couple freelance tasks and knock out a blog post.

I'm actually really pumped that it's Monday because that means I'm another day closer to vacation. I'm heading to Florida on Saturday and am psyched to be spending time at the condo alone. My mom will be with me the first weekend to go to Disney on Sunday (as my 28th birthday present, that's all I wanted). I've been dying to check out the new Pandora area in Animal Kingdom, it looks insane. I always love our Disney trips and am very excited for a little day there, then lots of time by the ocean afterwards.

I've also realized how horrible I am at social media these days, but part of me honestly doesn't care. Is that horrible?! Anyways, I really want to make an attempt to keep up with Insta stories while I'm hanging out in FL and hopefully get back to Instagram. I think a little time away will be refreshing and get me back on track. I've been feeling less than inspired and not sure why - could be burnout from freelancing and work. And also life. So, I promise to be better about all that internet stuff. This time of year also just gives me a nudge, so here's hoping the weather stays nice!

Ok, so about this post! We're hosting a little ladies brunch in May and I've been searching for some good breakfast-y cocktails or drinks to serve our guests. I thought you all may like the indulge as well. Here are a few recipes I found that would be perfect for a little morning get-together.


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1. Almond Milk Iced Chai Latte   2. Dirty Chai Latte   3. Gin Lavender Lattes   4. Japanese Cardamom and Rose Iced Latte
5. Breakfast Bramble