Seven Ways to Refresh this Season

Seven Ways to Refresh this Season, on Natalie Catalina

Happy Monday everyone. I might be late to the party since spring is fleeting, but I thought it'd be fun to share a few good ways to refresh this season. I've definitely been having deep thoughts lately about what I can do to feel better and just refresh my life. I'm always a fan of cleaning and purging each season, but also try to switch up my schedule or update my space. Anything I can do to feel a little newness around me and get me excited for the months ahead. What are your favorite ways to feel refreshed this time of year?


1. Elton John Greatest Hits Vinyl   2. Courtney + The Babes Pink Clay and Zeolite Face Mask   3. LoQ Galia Woven Slides   4. Cotton & Flax Linen Tea Towel   5. UO "Babe" Bath Mat   6. Today Is The Day Notepad   7. Vintage Swivel Chair

By the way, you probably noticed a subtle update here. I reverted back to my old header navigation template. I had a few messages from readers who read my posts on mobile and weren't loving the layout. To be honest, neither was I! This should give you guys better navigation on mobile. But of course, still kept the no noise or fuss design, with focus on blog posts only. Let me know what you guys think about me adding my shop page back in. After I polled everyone on Insta, sounds like it's something you guys would be interested in. Also! I've updated my studio site and portfolio. For some time now my freelance focus has been on minimalist designs, "with a hint of fun," so I've brought that concept to my site. Check out the new stuff this way... it has gifs! Another way I've "refreshed" things for spring :). Have a great week!