The Apartment


Helloooooo. If you follow me on Instagram, you heard the big news. I found an apartment and am making the move back into DC in about one month! I'm so excited. Also, if you don't follow me on Instagram, what are you waiting for??

Anyways, the overall process was incredibly easy and painless (thank god, but also, knock on wood). I had been eyeing this building for months and months, and randomly decided to take a look after work one day and see what was available. I was shown four bedrooms and put a deposit down the next day to hold my favorite. And then the next day dropped off my application and was approved. It's everything I wanted, with just one con. I had a lot of DMs to get through after sharing the tour on stories (it's in my highlights if you missed it) and want to answer a few things here. It's a one bedroom, it's in DC, and I'll be living alone! Which I'm pumped about. 

If you've been reading this blog for the past year, you know I moved back home to Maryland last summer to save money once my lease ended, and also because a lot was going on personally. I needed a breather and knew I wanted a one bedroom and needed some more savings to have everything I wanted. So, I'm finally heading back into DC and feeling very excited about the change. A good refresh is in order and I'm psyched to start this new chapter. A lot of you asked what I was looking for or advice in apartment hunting. Below is my list for what I wanted in a space. I've had a long time to think about this. I'm 28, I can afford a one-bedroom in DC, and I wasn't going to settled for anything that didn't have me completely smitten. 


As you can see, it checked off all my boxes, except the w/d situation. But it won't kill me to walk to a different floor for laundry... small sacrifice. I knew I wanted a rent-controlled place, especially living alone! I know I'll be paying the same exact amount every single month since utilities are also included, which I love. Outside of security, parking, and natural light, most of the other things on my list were just really big wants that I wasn't sure I could find in one space. I also definitely had that "aha!" moment walking into it. It just felt like home, and when I brought my brother there to measure the space, he made the same comment. So, I said, "YES TO THE...APARTMENT." The building manager was also very friendly and organized (love) and lives in the building, along with the maintenance staff, which to be honest, makes a huge difference. 

I'll definitely be sharing more of this process with you all! With another month left, I'm getting all my furniture ready to go first. I only have bedroom furniture since I've been living with roommates the past four years and never needed other furniture. So there's a lot to collect! Since I'll have a moving truck either way, I'd rather order things to my parents house instead of going through the hassle of getting deliveries to an apartment once I'm moved in.

I'm 100% one of those people who needs to feel settled and be unpacked and organized within the first or second day of moving. SO. I want to get as much as possible now... another can take weeks to ship, so that too. I'll be going for a (surprise surprise) modern mid-century look, with 80's details here and there too. Below is my current furniture/big item check-list. This doesn't include all the little details/decor, which I'll figure out more as everything is set up. I've also been carefully measuring everything and mocking up rooms, so nobody freak out that I'm purchasing before moving, ok? Some items I already have hiding in the basement. It’ll be so nice to finally give them a home!


There's so much to do, but I'm having so much fun doing it. I cannot wait to create an entire space of my own. Will definitely be keeping you all updated and sharing some interior posts along the way. Thanks again for all the wonderful messages of congratulations. I love that you guys are as excited as I am. Wish me luck!