Good Things #21

Good Things #21 on Natalie Catalina


A collection of things I'm loving from around the internet.

Happy Tuesday lovely people. I'm currently writing this (on Monday) from the comforts of my new apartment in my pink chair -the only living room furniture I have. The sun has broken through the clouds and is pouring in and I've got Under the Tuscan sun on, happily enjoying my day off! I've been so happy to be settled into my new place. It's a good, refreshing feeling and I can't wait to get all my furniture in and have it all set up to share with you guys. In the meantime, you can find some hints of it over on my Insta stories.

Hopefully you're easing back into the work week and getting things done! I'm excited to get back to blogging and have updated an editorial calendar for the next month. With several freelance projects wrapping up, I'm just ready to focus back on my own creative things. More prints will be available soon! And I'm aiming for three blog posts a week. I've also relaunched the my blog shop page - which you can find up in the navigation under Curated. I'll be updating this every week or so with products I love or own myself. Lastly, I've also transferred the Directory from my studio site to the blog. Enjoy! And for today, I thought I'd share a few good things that I've bookmarked lately and am loving.

good things

1. Janis Studios   2. Pinterest   3. Everlane, The Form   4. Zara's Weekend Getaway   5. Rosie Li