All the Classic Summer Shoes on My Wishlist

All the Classic Summer Shoes on My Wishlist, on Natalie Catalina

Wishing these babies would tap their way into my closet.

I have expensive taste sometimes, however... I also love a classic shoe that looks like it cost a lot, but is under a hundred. Here are all the summer shoes on my wishlist from $15.00 to $500.00. Also, it's been a while, so I had fun and brought some gif action back to the blog ☻.

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1. Mango Slingback Checked Shoes   2. Topshop Woven Shoes  3. Topshop Flat Tubular Sandals   4. Zara Woven Slingback Flats   5. Carrie Forbes Salon Slide Sandals   6. Freda Salvador Keen Mules   7. Intentionally Blank Jones Bone Mules   8. Intentionally Blank Willow Patents   9. By Far x Ciao Lucia Slingbacks   10. LR Elsie Puffy Knot Sandals   11. Topshop Hoxford Woven Sandals  12. F21 Faux Leather Double-Strap Slides   13. Zara Snake Print Leather Slides   14. Mango Buckle Flat Sandals

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