On 6-Month Goals


I can't believe we're over half-way through 2018. What is that?? I feel like I've been running around in circles for months and all the sudden it's August. While it pains me to think about how fast this year is flying by, I love setting new goals at the 6-month mark that I hope to accomplish by the end of year. Sometimes I feel like you need several months of the year to fully adjust and figure your shit out, ya know? I also had so much happening in the early months of 2018, there was just no focusing on myself like I'm doing now. Basically I've felt too busy to even stop to think about what I want to get done and what I want to do for myself. Life is crazy. I stood in the mirror the other morning and was like, "Natalie, pull yourself together... there's shit to do." Ok, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish by the end of this year.

01. continue my "no shopping" thing

I was totally convinced to do a month of "no spending" in July and really want to continue it for the rest of the year. I've loved how much money I've saved and am choosing to put all of that spending money toward a future trip instead. I'm setting monthly goals for spending rather than impulse buying or shopping for clothes/products I don't need - as a blogger, this is the hardest thing. I'm writing a post about this... more coming soon. I highly suggest setting some financial goals for yourself or a goal to be more intentional with your purchases.

02. finish furnishing my apartment

I guess this is totally contradicting to my first goal. But like I said, I'm setting spending goals... and focusing them around home decor and furnishings because those are things I loosely need. I'm definitely taking my time with this space, but I'm hoping to have it more complete by the end of the year. As in, not have anything on my wishlist for the apartment. I'm setting furniture purchase goals for each month until then (like coffee table in July, entrance console in August, etc.) and have a good plan in place for filling it up. If you've recently moved, maybe try the same. It's so much better to wait, do research on products, try finding items at better prices, make sure it's a smart move, and set monthly goals for filling a space rather than running wild with spending your money.

03. relaunch a shop

I'd lovvvve to relaunch my shop for the new year. I'm going in a different direction this time around, as in no vintage, but just a few lifestyle items that I like to collect myself and would love to design. Hoping to dedicate more time to getting this done! Along with adding more to my print shop for the fall season. Do you have a personal project you want to complete? Set a big goal and have mini objectives throughout each month to reach it.

04. dedicate more time to blogging

Ugh. I know I'm not great about this, but I'd really love to fall back into a real routine and get at least two posts up a week. I'm really making an effort to build up my engagement and audience, and also want to get into Instagram photos again. I'm excited to be taking off from freelance to dedicate time to this and to a new shop! I've found it really helpful to plan out content a month ahead of time. Having my post ideas on a calendar really helps me build out my content in bulk. This past weekend, I knocked out three weeks of posts in two days because I had a list ready to go. I don't even know who I am anymore.

05. launch remaining projects

Recently, I've been working with Emily and Meritt to redesign their site, which is going to be super different and super fun. Also! Taylor and I are so anxious to launch her site as well. Both are at the tail end and hoping to have both live in August. Fingers crossed! These are my last two client projects of the year and my absolute favorite since I began freelance design. They're also the first two biggest projects I've had - designing websites from scratch (no templates!) and working with developers to bring them to life. I can't wait for your to see.

06. start a dinner & a movie club

I need to get my shit together on this. I've really wanted to start a dinner and a movie club with my girlfriends. I'd love to have them over once a month for a potluck dinner and then lots of wine and then lounge around and watch a good movie. I think it's great to create some sort of social goal... like saying yes more to happy hours or going to a networking event once a month. Something to get you out of the house and regularly seeing people you like. PS... this is reminding me of the movie club print collateral I designed, which waterfalled into reminding me that I really need to update my project page...another goal!

07. plan trips

I'd love to get at least three trips booked by the end of the year. I'm hoping to take another euro trip in spring, a FL trip to the condo, and something else fun! And I'd love to have this figured out, planned, and paid for before the new year starts. I also have a bachelorette party in Nola next March, so I'm already setting goals to save for that as well. If you want to travel, plan a trip way ahead of time! That way you can set goals for budgeting and do your research. I always try to plan spring trips this time of year.

08.reread all the harry potter books

Ok, so I started rereading HP! And am loving it. I've been so bad about reading lately, like horrible. I haven't finished a book since that week I spent alone at our FL place, which was back in April maybe? So, I'm getting back into my reading habit with Harry Potter and would like to finish the entire series by the end of December. I feel like having this goal in mind helped inspire me to get back to hitting the books. If you're not making time to read, try setting a goal like an "I'll read ten pages a night" sorta thing, or a chapter a week!

09. try new restaurants

Being in the city is the best, mostly because good food is everywhere. There are constantly new restaurants popping up in DC and so many I'm dying to try. I'd love to get to a new one every couple of weeks, even if just for happy hours. A good goal is to try get to an event or new place in your city at least once a month. A concert here, an exhibit there, you get the point. I feel like a lot of weeks I'm just going through the motions on a merry-go-round, same old routes to work and back, same go-to food joints, same drinks at same bars. I was so good about constantly getting out and about in DC before and just haven't done much of that since moving into my new place.

10. feel better 

TBH, I've been feeling real lousy about how I look lately, and it's make me feel totally lame. I really want to take charge and be healthier and feel stronger. I'm aiming for a workout at least four days a week, yoga included, and cooking meals four times a week. I know I feel so much better about myself when I make my own food and am active, and I just haven't dedicated much time to taking care of myself in that way. I also have a couple weddings next year I'd love to feel fabulous at. Definitely a very personal goal, but if you're feeling the same, try setting a workout goal that's not too specific! I like that I give myself four days of seven to workout so I can skip and not feel guilty. Just making a goal to be active in any way throughout the week is a start, especially if you're like me and spend most of your time sitting at a computer.

I think that's it for now.... and sharing them here makes me feel like I'll be held more accountable for accomplishing them :D Maybe it'll encourage you to set some of your own!! Big or small.