Good Things #22

Good Things #22 on Natalie Catalina

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Hi. I'm back. Let's just say I needed a vacation from my vacation and was enjoying time away from social media and the blog so much, that I extended it. Anyways, happy Monday! My weekend was wonderfully lazy and beautiful. The weather was insanely gorgeous in the DC area and all the sunny goodness has me in the best mood lately. I'm feeling revitalized and ready to take on the week and am excited to be back to blogging. You may also notice that things were updated here and there on the site... again.

I know, I can't help it. But sometimes when I'm feeling a drought in creativity here, it's because I'm feeling the itch to switch the space up a bit until I get sick of it again. Good thing is... you guys never seem to mind. Thank you for that. So, there's an updated About page with some added random info about me that you may or may not enjoy. My project page is under construction (hopefully updated by end of week). I need to add my recent work to it! One of the biggest changes is that I updated my shop page even further with alllllll new goodies and category pages too for easy browsing. It's fun over there. Lastly, you'll notice that my URL is back to just the .com. I tried out the separate site thing for studio and blog, and wasn't feeling it, so here we are. And of course, just a slight change in font can do wonders for filling my inspiration meter. For now, I'm loving it. All in all, I've just combined both sites back into one .

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