What to Wear No.45

What to Wear No.45, on Natalie Catalina

Summer is not over yet.

Why is it always so surprising when September roles around? I can never believe it's here! I'm a major fan of this time of year. I get really organized and have this "let's get shit done" attitude that comes out of nowhere and seeps through my pores. Who doesn't love that? Anyways, this weekend I was in full swing on checking off my to-do list. Making plans and breaking plans, getting this space back in order, lots of freelance happening, budgeting, making my fall wishlist for shopping, buying flights, and lots of Netflix binging in between. More on allllll that stuff later. Today, I'm simply here to say that the heat is still on. Not in a good way. I'm very ready for fall things and crispy cool mornings. But while summer lasts, I'll go on sharing some more outfits to fit the vibes. And obviously will enjoy soaking up happy hours in the sun and warm evenings while I still can.


1. Slim Hairclip in Peach   2. Machete Maya Earrings   3. Beaded Wood Hangbag   4. Ribbed Scoop Tank Top 
5. Midi Ruffled Skirt   6. By Far Tanya Brown Patent Leather