My Body, My Choice


A different type of post today. I couldn’t be silent over here any longer. Here’s what I have to say.

I'm sad and grossed out by what's currently happening in our country regarding the abortion ban and control over women's bodies. I've spoken up on Instagram, on Twitter, and Facebook, and now, I must use this sacred space where I share pretty goods and nice things to talk about what’s happening right now. I don't often chat about matters like this, and yes, it is an uncomfortable topic for so many people, but it's time that those who are pro choice speak up - those who believe that every single human should have control over their own bodies - especially as women, but also as the men who support the idea that their wives, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, friends, cousins, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, coworkers, etc. should have power over their own bodies. This is not just an issue of abortion, but an issue of basic human rights. What's going on is insane to me.

Many representatives and people say they are pro life, yet do nothing to support and improve the lives of so many people already existing and suffering out in the world - including victims of rape who became pregnant and those children, women with no paid maternity leave or daycare, low-income families who can't afford healthcare, immigrants, LGBQT, and so many more. Many people are also ill-informed, and do not fully understand abortion and why so many women choose it or are forced to due to medical reasons... there are many reasons why. 1 in 4 women have had an abortion. All of us probably know someone who has... I know 4. Today, it's a few states, tomorrow, it's nationwide. Today, it's abortion, tomorrow it's your rights stripped away - we must look at the larger picture. Everything happening is not normal.

It's important to note that banning abortion will not stop them from happening! Women will simply suffer more due to this ban. We must keep them safe and legal. If a woman is pregnant as a result of being raped, she and the doctor helping her would face insane and horrible repercussions that are worse than her rapist. WTF is that?

If you follow me on Instagram, please look at my highlight/stories to learn more and see all the other ways you can help or learn more. I am lucky enough to have a larger following than many, and if I can encourage or inspire even three people to donate...or even just become more aware and get them thinking... then posting all this and putting my beliefs out there is worth it.

You do not have to agree with me and if you don't, that's ok, but if you do... SPEAK UP AND HELP. Silence gets you and those you care about nowhere. Silence does not create change. You can also simply read up, listen up, have conversations, read the news, click on links, donate, become educated, VOTE. Share your values, share your stories. Talk about it.

Below are several places that I encourage you to check out today….

  1. Abortion Funds

  2. Women Help Women

  3. The Yellowhammer Fund

  4. Planned Parenthood

  5. ACLU

  6. National Abortion Federation

  7. Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Funds

  8. Women Have Options