Good Things #31

Good Things #31, on Natalie Catalina

A few good things for your week.

I’m so ready for the weekend already, and hoping this hump day flies on by. Lots of fun plans for my last weekend before Hawaii! I can’t believe I’ll be back there so soon! My brother and his fiance are having a tiny private ceremony on the beach there, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them and spend a week relaxing to the max…. yea… I said “to the max.” In case I don’t get back here before then, here’s what’s going on! After I get through this week, I’m heading to the Bad on Paper Podcast Live event Friday, it’s going to be good! Several ladies I’ve admired will be guests and I’m pumped! Maybe I’ll see some of you there! Please come say hi if you’re attending. Then Saturday I’m spending the afternoon in Annapolis sailing for my friend’s birthday and then grillin’ out with the gang (#saturdayisfortheboys). Sunday, I’m planning to meet my friend Marissa for a floral/vintage market with Lemon Collective, and then spending the rest of the day getting shit done. A packed weekend for sure. Look at me being a social butterfly!

Ok, anyways, a few things I’m loving this week below, but also! The newsletter is coming back people!!! Please do sign up if you haven't already in the past. I’m excited to bring an old (but new) creative outlet back and have some fun with content from me only subscribers will see. My homepage has a little note about it so check it out. Also, peep the updated “Hey Babe” pointer there. She got a facelift.


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