June Diary

June Diary on Natalie Catalina

June marks the official start to summer, and I’m living for it.

This month has already been so good. The weather has been amazing, even with the thunderstorms we’re getting… I can’t complain, I love them too! I’ve been doing lots of fun things with friends outside in the open air, and it’s just been so nice to embrace the sunshine. It’s the season of dinner al fresco, walks in the park, hanging by the water, rooftop lounging, and longer days. And I love being home in the late evenings with the golden sunshine lighting up my apartment in the best way. All so far so good, and tomorrow morning we’re off on vacation!!! June is good.

I’m flying to Hawaii first thing tomorrow!!! I’m so excited to go back. We went last year and had a blast, but it was a bit exhausting with all the island hopping and excursions. This time around, we’re only heading back to Maui and straight up lounging all week. We do have a few plans!! Like my brother and his fiancé getting married in a tiny, private ceremony! And a Luau and catamaran sunset cruise (when in Rome). But mostly, we’re all looking forward to total beach time and lounging by the pool.

Totally loving the latest Netflix additions this month. Everyone needs to go watch Always Be My Maybe. Such a fun and cute movie, with a couple great comedian actors (shout out to Ali Wong), and also a very random appearance by Keanu lol. Also loved Someone Great, kind of a cheesy break-up/life in late-twenties type movie. Reminded me of How to Be Single. For a couple movies on the opposite end, I watched I Am Mother, a dark sci-fi story - gotta love those! And on Hulu…. Handmaids is back in action with season 3. #praisebe

I’ve really been loving Kate La Vie lately. I’ve followed Kate for so long, but her blog content lately has been SO GOOD. I’m also excited that she and her husband bought a new flat that they’re renovating, so I’m really excited for that content. Her interior posts are so inspirational. Also just finished the book The Woman Inside and it’s pretty good! As usual, a recommendation from Grace. It’s suspenseful, a murder “mystery,” and a story about a broken marriage. I flew through it! Not the best murder book I’ve read, but still kept me captivated. Next up is Matchmaking for Beginners.

Lately, I’ve been getting back into decorating my apartment and filling in some of the space that’s gone unoccupied for a year. I just received my two new wall scones from UO and am getting this piece from CB2 to put on the empty wall in my living room. I switched out my wood Ikea sideboard from my dining room and stuck it in my bedroom for extra storage and to fill in some space. To replace it, I’m grabbing this piece from Ikea! Lastly, in furniture, I need to find the perfect chair (or two) to stick in my living room, and get my current vintage one in there reupholstered for my bedroom. After that it’s all about the wall art!

My newsletter is coming back people! In case it wasn’t obvious enough on my homepage or with the popups :). I’ve been playing around with new designs and am really excited to get back into this outlet. With my blog being my number one priority in terms of my internet life/social media, I really want to bring people here most of all! It’ll be a fun email to receive, I promise! With a few things that you won’t see on the blog. Sign up here!

Chat with you soon.

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