What to Wear No.54

What to Wear No.54 on Natalie Catalina

A classic and cool getup for hot summer days when you’re craving some fall colors.

Hello! It’s me… Natalie… the girl behind the blog who hasn’t posted in about a month. Whoops! I needed a little break and wasn’t really feeling very creative. More on that later. I am returning to you with a new What to Wear and some fresh fonts for the space. Sometimes a little goes a long way… though I’m starting to get the itch for a new website design (ugh). We’ll see! For now, I’m just happy to be back.

I recently updated my entire desk space and am feeling so rejuvenated when it comes to working there rather than from the couch… a result of a totally uninspiring workspace and tiny desk. My new one is huge! And I’ve added a lovely moodboard to the wall above and all my collected bits are scattered around it. It’s so refreshing and I have space to be creative again. Definitely feeling it because I now have a bunch of posts coming your way!

Ok, so back to this outfit. I’m craving autumn.. that’s right, I said it. This time of year is when I’m so ready for crisp mornings to come back and fall colors and plaid and leather and cozy sweaters. It’s just been so hot. But, obviously, we’re not there yet. Le sigh. So, here’s an outfit with a nod to fall inspiration, but in keeping with summer vibes.


1. Machete Parc Earrings 2. Zara Squared Sunglasses 3. Mango Textured Top 4. Georgia Jay Little Orla Nutmeg 5. Mango Checked Linen Skirt 6. LOQ Carmen Flats