Recent Temptations

Recent Temptations on Natalie Catalina

Some things I’m seriously considering.

Hello hello. You, guys… I’m really back in a wishlisting haze lately. There are just so many things I want to buy and so little money to buy them. Such is life. Currently (and always) loving everything rattan. There is something so warm and easy, yet elevated about the look. I’m in love with the simplest rattan objects, from chairs to trays to this waste basket, and kind of loving the idea of a rattan beach chair… so good. Also, very much going to buy these pieces and come up with a fun design for my wall. I love Jen Gotch’s bedroom and have been saving these in my wishlist for months and months. That’s it!


1. Somme Studio Cleo Earrings 2. June Home Supply 3. HatiHome Beach Lounger 4. The Floral Society Fancy Tapers 5. Bend Goods Modular Art Piece