Good Things #32

Good Things #32 on Natalie Catalina

A few good things for your week.

Happy Monday… I’m currently in Florida enjoying my last few hours before flying home tonight. I had such a relaxing time here and felt totally unplugged and unaware of what’s going on out in the world. It’s been great. I managed to spend some time pulling together a blog post last night and so glad I did. There were a few things on my mind I was excited to share with you and bookmark here for myself. I’m excited to get a few more posts out this week as well. I also really must say thank you for everyone who sent emails or DMs about my newsletter. I finally put it out into the world again last Wednesday, and was met with really wonderful feedback. Felt good to pop back up in your inboxes. If you’re interested in getting the next one, sign up here! If you want to see what you’re in for, check out last week’s newsletter before committing. Anyways, back to the grind today! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!


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