Apartment Inspiration

My attempt at mixing mid-century, California cool with rustic farmhouse, Spanish influence, and a bit of fun 80s bits.

Lately I’ve been really focusing on my apartment and getting it to a more “complete” state… though knowing me, I’ll always be adding things to it. I’ve sort of reassessed what I’m looking for in a home, admittedly being influenced by trends, and trying to get back to what is actually practical and timeless. I’ve been here for a little over a year now and a lot of it is still sitting empty, with no art on the walls. To say I’ve taken my time with this space is an understatement, but it’s been so worth it. While my younger self would splurge on a bunch of cheap pieces to fill a home asap, only to have them thrown out a year later when I moved… my more mature soon-to-be 30 year old self is embracing the search for perfect pieces that I truly love, spending the right amount of money on things that matter, and honing in on my established style to fill my apartment slowly.

I’m planning to stick to this place for a while (hello rent-controlled building), so I haven’t felt any pressure to fill it up as I normally would. Not to mention, this place is large for a one-bedroom in DC, so there is a lot of it to fill!

I’ve been establishing a style that I really like and pulling a moodboard together that shows exactly what I love is making my vision a bit easier to bring to life. I’m a big lover of vintage, and most of what I have in my space was snagged from emporiums, vintage shops, and flea markets. I’m a huge fan of mid-century interiors, but also love mixing these pieces with modern furniture as well. I love vintage portrait paintings on canvas, but also love tiny oil paintings and simple graphic design or typography prints. I love Spanish influence with rustic vibes and dark wood, mixed with neutral furniture, but also want some curvy, mod or retro pieces thrown in. I just want everything I want :)

So let’s see if I can make it happen. After fangirling over all the 80s decor coming back, and some 60s elements, minimalist influences, and super retro shapes, I ultimately felt like that style wasn’t cozy enough for me. Thinking ahead to fall and winter months, I love the feeling of escaping back to a cozy apartment in the city that feels insanely inviting and warm. All that acrylic and metal and chrome and glass lamps and modern doesn’t really make me feel this way, so how can I add a few of those pieces and mix them with a few more homey bits to make the space just right? Idk, but it’s getting there.

My main focus has been to only bring in furniture and decor that is practical, timeless, and that I really adore. I also want to make sure everything is easily mix and matchable if my style were to change in the future. Nothing that I’ll get sick of after a year or two. Neutrals are my jam… they don’t get old. I definitely thing it makes sense to focus on neutral furniture and bring in colors you love through decor and small pieces. While I love how maximalists and others can buy a dark blue velvet chair and mix it in with beautiful decor no problem, I have anxiety over stuff like that. So I gotta stick to my style!! I’m so inspired by these photos, especially because a lot of them are still minimalist, but keeping in with that collected, cozy feel.

So that’s it people… I’m excited to keep sharing more! I was insanely lucky this weekend vintage shopping, finding pieces I needed, and smaller goods for decor. If you’re catching this early, go check them out on my stories. Lots of good stuff. I’ll be continuing to share as much as I remember to.