Do I Need a Rattan Daybed?

Rattan Daybeds on Natalie Catalina

Thinking I need a future two bedroom apartment specifically for space to keep a rattan daybed.

You guys, I’ve had daybeds on my mind. Not just any kind, but rattan ones. I see them everywhere and they’re definitely having their moment in the sun. So inspired by this bohemian look mixed with different textures and patterned pillows and blankets. I’d love one for a reading nook or you know… just for napping.


1. Serena & Lily Avalon Daybed 2. Anthropologie Pari Rattan Daybed 3. Burke Decor Fern Daybed design by Selamat 4. World Market Honey Rattan Daybed 5. Article Sol Daybed 6. The Rattan Collection St. Elmo Daybed

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