Interior Stuff...Week of 8.18

Interior spaces I’ve been bookmarking all week.

In light of my recent obsession with interiors lately and having a sudden spur to finish off my apartment, I’ve been bookmarking home tours like crazy. I thought it’d be fun to start a new series to share interior spaces and home tours I have my eye on. So inspired by these!


This is a maximalist I can get behind. I’m so into this collected, cluttered look… though I don’t know if I could live with it myself. For now, I’m living my maximalist life vicariously through Violet Victoria Dent’s instagram. She also has a pink couch I’m obviously into.


I’ve been bookmarking this space for a while now. Victoria shared this a few weeks back and something about this home keeps calling to me. Love this updated 1920s vibe and all it’s whitespace mixed with rustic features. The white chairs have definitely inspired a recent purchase for my apartment.

Interior Stuff Week of 8.18 on Natalie Catalina
Interior Stuff Week of 8.18 on Natalie Catalina


I’ve been following Emily’s home journey on Instagram for a while now and am smitten with her style. I love how minimal and simple everything is, but still so cozy. Feels like a dreamy country cottage space and I’m here for it.

Interior Stuff Week of 8.18 on Natalie Catalina


I’m not sure where my love for rustic/country living came from, but I can’t seem to get enough of this type of home inspiration right now. I love this little vignette moment and now all the sudden think I need a country home where I can paint the floors and doors black and bring in a million vintage pieces.