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Film Favorite: La Piscine
Film Favorite: La Piscine, on Natalie Catalina

A film favorite.

This past weekend, on a rainy Sunday morning I watched one of my favorites, La Piscine. It's the perfect summertime film. And obviously the fashion is amazing, especially when style muses like Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider are involved. Also... I love a little 1960s Jacques Deray!

Daily Tunes Mixtape
Daily Tunes Mixtape on Natalie Catalina

Happy hump day. Please enjoy with this new playlist. I'm going to be updating this one daily/weekly with songs I'm listening to on repeat or favorites from my other playlists. Everything I love in one spot! Anyone else get frustrated having to search their favorites or remembering what playlists had which songs?? Anyways, this is probably more for me, but figured you all may enjoy too if you love the same type of music. Remember to follow me on Spotify and to follow this playlist. You can always find my Spotify up in the navigation bar by clicking "Mixtapes."

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