A Few Coats I'm Wishlisting this Season

A Few Coats I'm Wishlisting, on Natalie Catalina

It’s definitely.. officially.. cold! I’ve closed the windows in the apartment for the first time in months, and this week has hit the 30s-40s. I started wearing socks inside. I hate socks. And I’m making plans to break out my scarves and hats very soon. Every year, like clockwork, I get a mad desire to purchase lots of new coats! Definitely not something I need to do, but like always, every new out is just so good and chic and stylish!! I try to acquire one good one a year - ones that will last forever! This year, I’m actually in need of a good puffer. Something to keep me extra warm during the winter months when snowfall has arrived. I don’t own any right now and need something practical, but still nice looking. Anyways, I instantly fell madly deeply in love with this pink puff cloud of heaven from Aritzia over the weekend and thinking I may add this to my Christmas wishlist! Thought you all may enjoy seeing the coats I’ve had bookmarked this season!


1. The Super Puff Mid 2. A Gingham Blazer 3. The Grete Jacket 4. Quilted Coat 5. The Cocoon Coat 6. The ReNew Puffy Puff 7. Pink Faux Fur Coat 8. A Classic Camel Button Down

What to Wear No.46

What to Wear No.46, on Natalie Catalina

Happy hump day. You guys, I’ve found the pants of my dreams. I’m not kidding. The perfect yummy shade of light pink and corduroy and they’re giving me all the 70’s vibes. In love. I think I’ll end up snagging them because I feel deep in my soul that I need these in my life - perfect for fall and spring. Planning to pair with a good graphic tee and perhaps some white booties. Also introducing some silver back into my life and loving these hoops.


1. Chimi Sunglasses in Peach 2. Somme Studio Noon Earrings 3. “Ask Me About My Feelings” Tee 4. Other Stories Wide Corduroy Trousers 5. Clare Vivier Chou Chou Bag 6. Mango Zipper White Booties