Good Things #27

Good Things #27, on Natalie Catalina

A few good things I’m loving from around the internet lately…Mandy’s beautiful backyard wedding, a new interior collection that’s very “Golden Girls,” some Lucy Folk goodness, 80’s Ikea, and a new short film.

Happy Monday! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’ve been home at my dad’s since Wednesday, spending time with the family, going out with friends, catching up on some freelance stuff, relaxing, and spent yesterday small business shopping in Downtown Frederick (my hometown). But, I’m happy to be back in my little DC apartment, which is now decorated for Christmas! I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve been excited to unwrap things I bought last year and hadn’t used, and a few new items, some vintage finds, and lots of tinsel. I’m sure I’ll be sharing snippets of it over Instagram.

Obviously, I didn’t end up doing a sales post because, to be honest, I was so overwhelmed with the amount of sales content this year. It kind of turned me off seeing so so many blogs sharing sales. I realize some people rely on this week for income, it does bring in so much! But as someone who doesn’t rely on this space to make money, I didn’t find it necessary for me to share. Normally, I’m all about it, but something about the excess this year made me skip it all together. I didn’t even do any shopping myself, except to support some small shops - which I think is definitely the way to go. Did anyone else notice that Black Friday sales started on Monday last week? Crazy! I’ve definitely found that this week is a bad excuse to shop for things I don’t need for myself, so I’m trying to be intentional with not shopping and staying clear of falling into the trap of splurging this week!! I’m hoping to be more conscious about my shopping this year - not buying for myself, and when it comes to others, gifting experiences, rather than things, and if gifting things, only shopping small business. Hope you consider doing the same!

Anyways, hope you have a lovely week back to work. I’ll be sharing some upcoming holiday posts soon. Don’t forget that my Holiday Gift Guide is out in the wild! Lots of small shops included!!!


1. Mandy Moore’s Wedding 2. Sarah Ellison’s Furniture Collection 3. Ikea Throwback 4. Lucy Folk Towelling Collection 5. Bloody Hell Film

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A Few Coats I'm Wishlisting this Season

A Few Coats I'm Wishlisting, on Natalie Catalina

It’s definitely.. officially.. cold! I’ve closed the windows in the apartment for the first time in months, and this week has hit the 30s-40s. I started wearing socks inside. I hate socks. And I’m making plans to break out my scarves and hats very soon. Every year, like clockwork, I get a mad desire to purchase lots of new coats! Definitely not something I need to do, but like always, every new out is just so good and chic and stylish!! I try to acquire one good one a year - ones that will last forever! This year, I’m actually in need of a good puffer. Something to keep me extra warm during the winter months when snowfall has arrived. I don’t own any right now and need something practical, but still nice looking. Anyways, I instantly fell madly deeply in love with this pink puff cloud of heaven from Aritzia over the weekend and thinking I may add this to my Christmas wishlist! Thought you all may enjoy seeing the coats I’ve had bookmarked this season!


1. The Super Puff Mid 2. A Gingham Blazer 3. The Grete Jacket 4. Quilted Coat 5. The Cocoon Coat 6. The ReNew Puffy Puff 7. Pink Faux Fur Coat 8. A Classic Camel Button Down