Break Up with Your Social Media "News Feed" and Do These Things Instead

Breaking Up With Your News Feed on Natalie Catalina

Happy Monday!!! It's been a great, relaxing weekend. I treated myself to a mani-pedi on Friday at a new-to-me salon that I'm obsessed with called Varnish Lane (so good). If you're in DC, check it out. Then on Saturday...I GOT BANGS. I love them... way more than I thought I would. I was no nervous, but a little fringe never hurt anyone and I received a compliment that I look "very Italian." So my life is made. Anyways, aside from all the awesomeness, I realized how much I'm hating my social media feeds... so here we are.

Social media sucks lately. It's making me go crazy. It's making emotional. It's making me want to scream at people through my computer screen and tell them to GET SMART. It's making me question when news is real or #fakenews. I realized that I was spending hours a day on Twitter reading threads and viewing articles and polls and memes that were honestly quite depressing and sad. When I go on Facebook, it's worse! There's status after status full of ignorant and rude commentary, rather than respectful, informative conversations, and I've lost count of the amount of people I've hidden from my newsfeed. I want my nice news feeds back with cat videos, Tasty recipes, fun links, and feel-good updates.

So, basically I've limited my use of social media lately in hopes that things will one day (soon, please) calm down and I can get back to it. It's definitely nice to put down the phone and pick up a book, or go for a walk, or most obviously, go grab a few drinks with friends and chat. Are you feeling the same way? I think the one thing we must all remember is that the news will still be there when we return to our feeds, so taking breaks is no big deal. You'll find out everything you need to find out. I've also been posting to my social media feeds without browsing the main news feed, which definitely helps. Anyways, these are a few ways I've been keeping calm and avoiding the craziness and the crazies (no offense, I'm a crazy myself sometimes).

What have you been doing to stay informed, but avoid the emotional exhaustion that is our current social media?


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