Good Things #31

Good Things #31, on Natalie Catalina

A few good things for your week.

I’m so ready for the weekend already, and hoping this hump day flies on by. Lots of fun plans for my last weekend before Hawaii! I can’t believe I’ll be back there so soon! My brother and his fiance are having a tiny private ceremony on the beach there, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them and spend a week relaxing to the max…. yea… I said “to the max.” In case I don’t get back here before then, here’s what’s going on! After I get through this week, I’m heading to the Bad on Paper Podcast Live event Friday, it’s going to be good! Several ladies I’ve admired will be guests and I’m pumped! Maybe I’ll see some of you there! Please come say hi if you’re attending. Then Saturday I’m spending the afternoon in Annapolis sailing for my friend’s birthday and then grillin’ out with the gang (#saturdayisfortheboys). Sunday, I’m planning to meet my friend Marissa for a floral/vintage market with Lemon Collective, and then spending the rest of the day getting shit done. A packed weekend for sure. Look at me being a social butterfly!

Ok, anyways, a few things I’m loving this week below, but also! The newsletter is coming back people!!! Please do sign up if you haven't already in the past. I’m excited to bring an old (but new) creative outlet back and have some fun with content from me only subscribers will see. My homepage has a little note about it so check it out. Also, peep the updated “Hey Babe” pointer there. She got a facelift.


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Apartamento 4

Apartamento 4, on Natalie Catalina

Some nice interior things for a well-curated space.

Hello! So happy to have a post to share. I had a wonderful weekend basking in the sun at my mom’s pool and totally loving the summer vibes. It’s been hot and beautiful, with some solid rain storms (love) in between, and I’m in full June mode. This weekend I was searching for new items for the apartment and am really hoping to finish it up this summer. I think I’m leaning toward an Eame’s style lounge chair, instead of two club chairs. They’re so good and I love the thought of a pretty tan or walnut one sitting nicely in my living room. Something to keep forever. Some inspiration for this round-up!

Also, currently updating a few design elements around here ~ more to come! Including bringing the newsletter back… finally.


1. Azilal Vintage Moroccan Rug 2. Vintage Mid-Century Swedish Globe Light 3. 1970s Hollywood Regency Michael Taylor Plaster Floor Lamp 4. Vintage Parisian Portrait 5. White Ceramic Vase 6. Hay Enamel Cups 7. Large Totem Candle in Black 8. Mid-Century Modern Walnut Bookends 9. 1957 Jean Arp Book MoMA Book 10. Luster Velvet Pillow Cover 11. Vintage Mid-Century Modern Lucite Magazine Rack 12. Vintage Mid-Century Chair and Ottoman

May Diary

What a long month! But it’s been a good, relaxing one.

After getting back from Italy, I was so ready to be back in a routine. It’s finally been feeling like summer in DC, and though there’s been an insane amount of rain, the city has started to come alive with outdoor happy hours, beer gardens, tourists, game crowds, and everything in bloom. I love this time of year! I’m getting into a good groove, getting up early, being productive, working out in the evenings, and being social. A few things going on with me this month…

I’ve been really good about working out at least four times a week, sometimes even five or six! It’s been good for my mental health too and just feeling better overall. I’ve been following the girls of Tone it Up for so many years and have finally downloaded the app. I’ve been using it every week and love the videos and their motivation. Highly recommend! I’ve also been using Aaptiv for guidance in the gym, using machines. It’s so much easier to know what to do when someone is guiding you, and when you don’t like workout classes like me, apps are the way to go!

Obviously bummed GOT is over! I can’t believe how many years I’ve been watching it. I won’t get into that whole thing, but I do have a few other shows I’ve been loving. Dead to Me on Netflix is so good. Love the cast, love the comedy, love the drama, and suspense. I finished it in three nights, enough said. I also watched The Society on Netflix, and it’s one of those guilty pleasures… a story about a town where all the adults disappear and the teens have the fend for themselves and rebuild a society of their own. Also, saw that The Rain season 2 is up now! I enjoyed season one and love me a doomsday thriller, so I’ll definitely be starting that one this week.

I’ve finally been getting into Grace Atwood’s podcast, Bad on Paper, and I really love it guys. I’m usually strictly all about crime when it comes to podcasts, but added this to the mix a couple months ago and am all caught up. It’s basically like you’re at a sleepover or out for drinks chatting with your girlfriends about anything and everything. I’ve also loved the guests that have come on and really love the conversations they have. Add it to the mix. I’m excited to be going to their live show here in DC in a couple weeks too!

That sounds dramatic. But lately I’ve really been feeling 29. Hard. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the last year of my twenties, but just have so many emotions and thoughts about getting older. Questioning myself, wondering how things could be different, thinking about where I want to be. Ugh, life. I’ve been following communities like The Insecure Girls Club, by a favorite blogger Olivia, where women are embracing being vulnerable - what’s not to love about that? It’s made me feel better and less alone, and love that they’re making it normal and easy to talk about these things.

Cooking has become such a moment of zen and meditation for me. I love finding recipes that sound amazing and bringing them to life on my own. I subscribed to Bon Appétit and have really enjoyed making things I find there. Also, as a designer, I just really love everything they push out and the creativity of their magazines and graphics. Each month, I’m excited to get the latest issue in the mail and read through it. Thinking I may add a new Directory item for food!! Getting very into food blogs and instagrams lately.

Until next month!
xx, natalie