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Natalie Catalina
Thoughtfully curated content for the modern woman, with a dash of frivolity and retro flair.

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I’m Natalie Catalina, a DC-based graphic designer and creative. I'm inspired by retro frivolity, mid-century modern interiors, good design, and my outrageous collection of ephemera. Have fun here, ok?


I’m Natalie Catalina Vargas, a creative living in Washington, DC. I started this space as a lifestyle blog in 2013 to fill a creative void and develop a platform of sartorial and interior inspiration. After a few years in blogging, I began collaborating with others looking to elevate their work. I am an independent graphic designer, with an aesthetic approach focused on minimalism, usually with a hint of fun. I believe in working closely with clients to conceptualize and execute beautiful designs to elevate their brands and bring life to what they’re passionate about. I love working with like-minded creatives from coast to coast on custom website designs and have a particular soft spot for print collateral.

When I’m not working or socializing, you can usually find me watching old films, drinking chocolate milkshakes, scouting for vintage interiors, or endlessly scrolling through my Pinterest.




sorry kind people, but i'm currently unavailable to take on new work!



custom website design

Let’s design a website that is effortlessly beautiful and effective. I’ll create your online presence and work closely with your developer to bring our concepts to life.


print materials

From flyers to business cards to stationery, I adore print collateral. We’ll design materials that leave a lasting impression and show off your brand, business, or event.

squarespace design

After five years of using Squarespace, I know how to navigate its world of templates and customization. We’ll work together to create a space you’re inspired by.



Your brand’s identity is the visual hallmark of your company. Starting with your brand’s mission, we’ll design its identity to elevate your brand and inspire your customers.


An independent design studio and lifestyle blog for the modern woman... with a dash of frivolity and retro flair.

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